About Cloud

Cloud Architecture is an architectural practice in Melbourne headed by Brendan Jones. The practice is based in Fitzroy within the great Moran and Cato building behind the bar “Naked for Satan”.

Cloud has recently completed the  Kyabram Hospital; Kyabram is a project that Brendan has been working on over the last three years. The new Cancer treatment space and the new Urgent Care entry now bookend the original Health and Wellbeing project started in 2013. We are very proud of the result and very happy Ky Health chose the continuing services of Cloud. Make sure you check it out here.

Also on the health front we will also be finishing the new Clifton Hill Clinic in early November. This is a very exciting project that Ascot Group have been building since March. The build is of such high quality, Cloud can’t wait to show it off!

Brendan has over 20 years’ experience and is an award winning architect who loves architecture and its related disciplines. During his career, Brendan has worked across many scales and disciplines from modest extensions for private homes to large, complex health projects, and everything in between. Clients have included state, local and commonwealth governments across Australia. Brendan has also worked in collaboration to produce some exciting and unique high profile buildings including MONA’s boutique accommodation and the Greenhouse in Federation Square.

Through this experience, Brendan has developed unique experience in delivering complex projects and specialisation in the design of health care facilities, large and small. Over recent years Brendan has taught architecture at the University of Melbourne and at RMIT. He has also participated as a jury member in the prestigious Victorian Architecture Awards and won some design competitions along the way. Cloud Architecture Studio is a member of the Australia Institute of Architects.

Brendan was responsible for all of the projects shown on this website. Some of the projects were completed or started while Brendan was a director at Antarctica. Antarctica is the attributed architect for all projects other than the Kyabram Hospital – Health and Wellbeing stage in which the attribution is Cloud Architecture Studio with Antarctica. Cloud Architecture Studio is the architect for Kyabram Hospital – Stage 2 and 3 and the Clifton Hill Clinic.

Cloud's Approach

The work process focuses on collaboration with clients, consultants and contractors to achieve progressive and successful buildings – but we never apply the same method twice. The process is intuitive and depends on the nature of the site or programme or both. We also strongly believe in a graphically balanced plan as a means to generate interesting spaces. Ideally, as architects we don’t want to be bound by a method, but prefer to explore diverse ways to approach the project, with the aim of always reconsidering spaces and uses.

The practice is engaged with contemporary cultural and design trends, digital technologies and production methods and a given nowadays – sensible environmental sustainability. We are most interested in combining light, colour and materials. The significance of light is its ability to change, giving several sets of shadows to interior spaces based on the time of day and the seasons. Colour adds an extra layer of complexity and this teamed with interesting materials and textures helps reveal the space and give different experiences depending on your point of view.

We are also interested in the idea that a building should not reveal everything at a single glance; it’s important to preserve moments of discovery. So we try to surprise at Cloud but we do understand that building projects can be difficult. For this reason, we are committed to working alongside you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process. We will ask the right questions and make all stages transparent including costs. To us it’s crucial that architects share their ideas and process – it leads to a richer experience and far better buildings.

Cloud's Services

There are a number of distinct stages in the design and building process. Cloud can guide you through all or some of them.

Cloud can provide the full suite of services outlined or just work up some early design options – it’s up to you. And if you are still tossing around the options – build, develop, renovate, buy or sell – we can provide expert advice early in the process to help you come to the right decision.

Concept design

This stage is important for all projects. We get a feel for your needs so that we can establish a brief with a realistic budget. Initial design work can be undertaken once a brief is agreed. This is where we prepare early design concepts which start bringing to life the brief and collaborative ideas.

Town planning & development application

Some projects require approval from local council. If required, we will complete all the requirements, reports and approvals before your project goes ahead.

Design development

We will work closely with you to develop the design to ensure it becomes an exciting, viable project. This is where all outstanding regulatory issues and consultant input are undertaken.

Construction documentation

We prepare all detailed drawings, specifications and contract documents and lead you through the process in regards to the building permit.

Contractor selection

We will guide you through the contractor selection process obtaining competitive prices from our and/or your contacts. We will then negotiate with the preferred tenderer (if required) and prepare the contract documents.

Contract administration

We can administer the contract between yourself and a builder to build your project. We will keep you informed of progress, approve variations, certify progress payments, identify defects and ensure they are rectified, and generally oversee the construction through to successful completion.