In late 2008, Brendan was approached by Joost Bakker, Melbourne-based creative and sustainability pioneer. Joost had developed a concept for a temporary restaurant and bar in Federation Square, Melbourne. He invited Brendan to be on the team.

Joost’s idea revolved around a recycled steel-framed structure lined with bagged straw bales. Brendan was to take this building system and make it happen onsite at Fed Square – all in six weeks.

Brendan negotiated access, size, materials and systems to create full documentation; the design phase was completed in two weeks. Then came the build: four weeks of intensive work captured in time lapse.

Greenhouse was open from November 2008 to January 2009.

This accelerated exercise in installation architecture challenged concepts of refinement. No time, budget or need for a long serving building. Instead this project required speed, agility, resourcefulness and tact.

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